PM Modi stresses on fighting cheating, asks student to follow ethics in his Mann ki Baat

PM Narendra Modi stresses on fighting cheating, asks student to follow ethics in his Mann ki Baat.


Tips for Class X and XII Board Exam by PM Narendra Modi in 28th Edition of Mann ki Baat Radio Show.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the first episode of the radio show Mann Ki Baat, which is completely focussed on the upcoming Class Tenth and Class Twelfth board exams and motivating students also for their exam. This is the most awaited show of radio for Class X and XII aspirants. For addressing this show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the approval from the Election Commission of India to host the address, elections in five states are just a few days away.
The clean chit for addressing the Man ki Baat was received on the condition that no issue related to the elections will be broadcasted in the show. There would no discussion in the address of the Prime Minster that can act as an inducement to the voters. It was the 28th edition of the PM’s monthly radio broadcast. In his speech, PM Narendra Modi urged the aspiring students of Board Exam to refrain from cheating or shortcuts and entirely focus their time only on studies.

He has asked Class X and XII students to minimise their exam pressure and treat the exam as pleasure activity. The parents of Board Exam 2017 students are advised to create encouraging environment despite putting exam pressure on the candidates. The PM had on January 20 tweeted that the programme would be for the students. In a tweet early Sunday, the PM again called on the students to participate in the radio address. He also conveyed that Akashwani has been translating my speech in several regional languages after my Hindi speech on Mann ki Baat.

Tips for Class X and XII Board Students by PM Narendra Modi in Mann ki Baat

Proper Break: Candidates should take a proper break after few hours of study to refresh themselves
Enhance Concentration: Students preparing for the board exam should concentrate on their studies during their study hours to gain more knowledge and concepts.

Proper Rest, Sleep and Physical Activity: The students need proper rest, adequate sleep, physical activity along with studies as they are three essential requirements during exams.

Don’t Find Out Ways to Cheat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that some people spend all their time in finding out ways to cheat. Despite finding ways for teaching, students should be focussed on their exam preparation that will ultimately help.
Lack of Confidence leads towards failure and pressurise students to find out the ways to cheat in the exam. This is not the right path towards success. As someone has rightly said, “heights reached by greatmen, were not attained in the sudden flight. They while their companion sleep, were toiling upward in the night”.