Productivity Tips - Things You Need To Quit To Achieve Your Goals

Being productive everyday is needed, this will help you to achieve your plan within the day. However, there are some habits that will keep you a little less active and will lead you to delay of works.


Habits are the things that you are used to do everyday. However, you can quit all of these by simply following the 10 tips from Entrepreneur. These are:

1. Checking email constantly

You don't need to check your emails for time to time. Reportedly, frequent checking of emails can cause a person to be: depressed, anxious, the memory will function lower than the usual, and will lead you to have a low performance in you work. To surpass this kind of habit, check only your emails when you have free time. Also, you can make an auto reply to ensure your client that you read the email. Creating a constant reply will somehow waste your time.

2. Scheduling weekly status meetings

Weekly schedules of meetings even though it is not really necessary can also cause a delay. Meetings are supposedly done when there are important matters that needs to talk about. Instead of making regular meetings, try to make some kind of visual projects, or shared documents using the Google Docs.

3. Working long hours

Working more than eight hours can lead you to low productivity. This is because, the more you gain hours in work, the more you lose your energy the next day. It is still important to balance your working hours.

4. Waiting on the big project

Some people tend to do the easier work rather than the big projects; this habit is said to be not good at all. If you thought that prioritizing the easier works will make you productive, then you are probably wrong. Using your energy with these will lead your performance for the big project to be poor. At least, doing the bigger one rather than the easiest will help you later on because you don't need that much energy at all.

5. Having coffee for breakfast

Even though you have coffee to wake up every morning, but then you did not eat any breakfast, this is still useless. The body uses energy when you are sleeping; that is why you feel dehydrated and hungry every time you wake up. Escaping breakfast (which is important meal of the day), will make you less productive for the rest of the day.

6. Not getting eight hours of sleep

Having enough of sleep is really important. In a research, if a person only gets five or less than hours of sleep continuously, will lead you to commit more mistakes. Another thing is, people with lesser time of sleep tend to be irritable, can be distracted easily, and frequent occurrence of headache.

7. Eating lunch at your desk

If you thought eating in your desk will make you conserve your time, well then, you are probably wrong. Eating your lunch on your desk may cause spillage of foods or drinks in your paper works, or keyboards. It will cause any delay if this happens.

8. Not taking breaks

Keeping yourself busy, and not having breaks will likely cause you a poor performance later on. In a study, to maintain productivity in maximum level; you must allow yourself to take a break and be away on your desk for a while. In this way, your brain will be relaxed and refreshed.

9. Giving every task equal importance

Distribute your work equally, in a rule of 80/20; the task that you do is 20 percent, the remaining 80 percent will be the result. However, making everything equal will keep you in doing your works properly. When you accomplished everything within the day, this means that you made a right choice in distributing your works.

10. Multi-tasking

For some people, multi-tasking can be a big help in accomplishing such works. But this idea is not really right and good thing to do at all. If you are working two things at once, the result may turn out into something bad. Our brain needs some focus in a certain task, if you are doing several tasks at once, this will lead you to be less creative and attentive.

Overcoming bad habits is easy, but for some people, it is hard to quit because they are "used" in doing all of these. The only key is to focus and avoid distractions; combining these two will likely lead you to success.