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Indian Army Post Graduate- Dental Courses in AFMS Institutions Through AIPGDEE- 2016


Indian Army Post Graduate- Dental Courses in AFMS Institutions Through AIPGDEE- 2016, Candidates are advised to read the Info Bulletin carefully before registration & fill the application form accordingly. It is advised that candidates should fill in their details tallying with the AIPGDEE - 2016.

Indian Army Post Graduate- Dental Courses in AFMS Institutions Through AIPGDEE- 2016



ADC(R&R) Delhi

Post Graduate- Dental
Courses in AFMS
Institutions Through
AIPGDEE- 2016 



Availability of Information bulletin on the website: 11 Mar 2016

Registration of Applications:

(a) Priority III & IV: 07 Apr 2016 (0800-0930h) at ADC(R&R) Delhi Cantt.
(b) Priority V : 04 Apr 2016 (0800-0930h) at Armed Forces Dental Clinic, Tyagraj Marg, New Delhi

Counseling: 07 Apr 2016 (1000h Onwards) at ADC(R&R) Delhi Cantt. (Priority wise)

All other relevant timelines/ information if any will be made available on the INDIAN ARMY website:

Candidates are requested to visit the website regularly for updates.


1. Candidates are advised to read the Info Bulletin carefully before registration & fill the application form accordingly. It is advised that candidates should fill in their details tallying with the AIPGDEE - 2016.

2. After registration, no amendment with regard to information filled i.e. Name/Priority/ Date of Birth/ Gender/ E-mail/ AIPGDEE-2016 Testing Roll No. will be entertained.

3. In the event of rejection of application form, no correspondence/ request for reconsideration will be entertained.

4. Candidates will be eligible for admission into the AFMS Institutions subject to the local State/ University/ DCI rules/ regulations.


1. Please make use of information on the website, to guide you through the entire process and help answer most of your queries. Further queries will only be entertained if the information requested is not available in the info bulletin.

2. Phone and Webmail support will be available from 11 Mar 2016 to 06 Apr 2016 during working hours (9:30AM to 5:00 PM) from Monday to Friday excluding Govt. holidays. Queries received by webmail will be responded to within three (3) working days. Do not send the same email multiple times, as it will delay the response process. 

Helpline Number: 011-23093390


1. Armed Forces Medical Services conduct Post Graduate training primarily for the Medical/Dental Officers of Armed Forces Medical Services. Surplus seats, if any, are offered to sponsored candidates, ex-servicemen (Ex-SSC AD Corps officers) and Civilian Dental Surgeons.


2. The courses are being conducted to fulfill the following requirements:-

(a) To meet the requirements of specialist cadre (Dental) vacancies by training serving Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) Officers.

(b) To meet the training requirements of foreign students sponsored by Govt. of India.

(c) To offer PG courses to Dental Surgeons sponsored by Para Military forces/ other Govt. of India Organizations.

(d) To maintain a reserve pool of specialist officers by offering PG Dental courses to Ex-SSC, AD Corps Officers who are on the reserve lists of AFMS.

(e) To maintain a provisional reserve pool of Specialist Dental Officers by selecting and training civilian dental Surgeons who will have to execute a bond to serve in AFMS for a period of 05 years as Commissioned Officers on successful completion of the post graduate course.


3. Admissions for PG studies are strictly governed by Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence Letter No F/PC- 8510/DGAFMS/DG-1/345/2013/DI (Med) dated 6th March 2013 & 03769/Adv/DGAFMS/dental2/1556/2015/D(Med) dated 31 Jul 2015 & amendments thereof. The admission and training is controlled by the Office of the DGAFMS in accordance with prevalent rules. The priority for admission of candidates is as follows:-

(a) Priority-I: - AFMS Officers detailed on advance specialist course/other courses as per guidelines of DCI.

(b) Priority-II: - Foreign students sponsored by Government-On approval of DGAFMS/MOD/MEA subject to conditions laid down by the Govt. of India.

(c) Priority–III: - Dental Surgeons sponsored by Para Military Organizations / other Govt. of India Organizations. Sponsorship certificate mentioning the subjects for Sponsorship by the sponsoring authority is mandatory requirement for the candidate to be considered for counseling.

(d) Priority-IV: - Ex-SSC AD Corps Officers released from service after completion of contractual service and within three years after their release from service, i.e. service liability not exceeding beyond 30 Apr 2016 for the session starting in May 2016.

(e) Officers who have resigned their commission /dismissed /removed from service/ not completed their contractual service are NOT eligible under this category. Such officers are also not eligible as Priority V candidates.

(f) Priority–V: - Civilian candidates willing to serve in the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) subject to their fulfilling the eligibility criteria mentioned as Appx ‘D’. Civilian candidates will have to submit a bond agreement to pay a sum of 27 lacs to Govt. of India at the time of admission in case they are unwilling to join AFMS when offered commission. They also have to be medically fit to the standards required for commission in the AFMS at the time of admission. Officers of the AFMS who have resigned their commission or not completed contractual service as AD Corps SSC officers are not eligible to be considered even as Priority-V candidates, though they may be below 35 years of age.


4. Candidates may kindly note that appearance in AIPGDEE-2016 does not confer any automatic rights to secure a Post graduate Dental (MDS) seat in an AFMS institution. Candidates who have registered only will be considered for PG seats at AFMS institutes through AFMS counseling subject to fulfilling the admission criteria, eligibility, medical fitness and such criteria as may be prescribed by the respective universities, AFMS institutions, Dental Council of India, State/Central Government.

5. Registration is mandatory for all the Priority III, Priority IV & Priority V Candidates. The registration schedule and time line for various events for the counseling is as under:-

S.No Item Date ,Time & Venue
Priority-III&IV Candidates Priority-V Candidates
(a) Registration & application
07 Apr 2016
(0800h -0930h)
ADC(R&R) Delhi
04 Apr 2016
AFDC, Tyagraj Marg
New Delhi
(b) Verification of documents 07 Apr 2016
ADC(R&R) Delhi
04 Apr 2016
AFDC, Tyagraj Marg
New Delhi
(c) Medical Examination by
medical board of AFMS
(02x No. of vacancies)
--------------- 04 Apr 2016
AFC, Dalhousie Road,
New Delh
(d) Last day of completion of
Medical Boards
--------------- 06 Apr 2016
AFC, Dalhousie Road,
New Delhi
(e) Counseling for admission 07 Apr 2016 (1000h Onwards)
ADC(R&R) Delhi Cantt.

Requests for extension of dates for registration and change in date/schedule of counseling will not be entertained.

6. Priority V (civilian dental surgeons) candidates will have to undergo a Medical Examination by a Medical Board of AFMS for ascertaining their medical fitness. Only candidates declared medically fit will be eligible to appear for counseling. The number of Candidates to be subjected to Medical Examination shall be twice the number of vacancies advertised for counseling, in the order of merit established during registration. In the event of a candidate being declared medically unfit by the Medical Board, the candidate next in merit will be called for medical examination on the following day, for ascertaining medical fitness.

7. All candidates desirous of admission to postgraduate dental courses should have mandatorily appeared in the AIPGDEE-2016 and secured min of 50% or more marks & submit a duly completed Application form at Appx-‘A’, at the time of registration, to be considered for counseling & subsequent admission to any of the AFMS teaching institutions. All the candidates should also submit a declaration certificate at Appx-‘B’ along with the application form. Incomplete application or applications not in accordance with instructions shall not be considered and are liable to be rejected. The examination fee shall not be refunded under any circumstances. Registration will be open strictly as per schedule mentioned at Para 5 above. 

8. List of certificates to be submitted (self attested) by the candidates along with the application form & originals to be produced at the time of registration for counseling:-

(a) 06 (Six) Passport size photographs

(b) Copy of the AIPGDEE-2016 Admit card along with roll number and a Downloaded and printed copy of the AFMS application form.

(c) AIPGDEE-2016 score card. All the candidates should have secured mandatory min of 50% & above marks in AIPGDEE-2016.

(d) Class X/ SSLC/ ICSE certificate/ Birth certificate issued by municipality as valid certificate of proof of age.

(e) Nationality Certificate/ valid passport/ Domicile Certificate (Where applicable)/ voter I- Card issued by Election Commission of India.

(f) Final year BDS Mark Sheets. Priority V Candidates should have secured a min of 55% marks in final BDS.

(g) BDS Provisional Pass Certificate/ Degree Certificate.

(h) Compulsory rotatory Internship completion certificate. 

(j) Permanent/Provisional State Dental Council registration certificate.

(k) Priority III candidates - Para Military Officers/ other Govt. of India Organizations: Subject specific sponsorship certificate issued by the Respective Para Military / other Govt. of India organization is mandatory. This has to be produced in original prior to the counseling without which candidate shall not be allowed to appear for counseling. Original copy of the sponsorship will be required to be deposited at the time of admission.

(l) Priority IV candidates - In case of Ex-AD Corps/SSC Officers, release Order from Armed Forces Medical Services by DGAFMS / Dental Directorate and movement order from last unit for proceeding on release will be required to be shown in original at the time of admission/Counseling.
(m) Declaration by the candidate is placed at Appx ‘B’. Applicants without the above documents will be summarily rejected.

Admission of any candidate found to be willfully giving wrong information will be summarily rejected during any stage of the admission process by the Commandant of the Institution where a seat has been allotted finally. The decision of Commandant will be final.

9. Candidates producing false or fabricated information at the counseling will not be considered for admission in AFMS institutes. Discrepancies found at a later stage may lead to disqualification.

10. Candidates should go through this INFORMATION BULLETIN carefully before contacting the AFMS for any queries. Queries pertaining to eligibility and other issues shall only be entertained if the information requested is not given in this bulletin or on website

11. Instructions in the information-bulletin are liable to change based on decisions taken by the AFMS/NBE/AIIMS/DCI/ MoHFW from time to time.

12. AFMS reserves the right to withdraw permission to participate in AFMS counseling, if any, granted inadvertently to any candidate who is not eligible to appear in the AFMS counseling.

13. Candidates eligibility is purely provisional & is subject to the fulfillment of eligibility criteria as prescribed in this Information Bulletin.

14. The existing schedule, pattern, policy and guidelines are for ready reference only for admission for year 2016.

15. In case of any ambiguity in interpretation of any of the instructions/ terms/rules/criteria regarding the determination of eligibility/registration of candidates/ conduct of AFMS counseling/ information contained herein, the interpretation of the AFMS will be final & binding.

16. All the correspondence should preferably be addressed by e-mail. The e-mail query shall be addressed only if it contains AIPGDEE Roll No. and contact telephone number of the sender. An e-mail containing vague or general queries that are contained in the Information Bulletin shall not be entertained. Queries shall not be entertained from person claiming themselves to be representative, associates or officiates of the applicant candidate.

17. Candidates are advised to visit the website regularly for information if any and notices pertaining to admission to PG Dental courses to AFMS institutions for year 2016.

18. Candidates may kindly note that by registering, the candidate is deemed to have read, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions in the information bulletin of AFMS for admission to PG Dental courses for year 2016.

19. Merit list of the candidates (Priority wise) who have secured minimum of 50% marks in AIPGDEE-2016 & have been allotted PG Seats during the counseling will be displayed on the website in due course of time, after due approval of the competent authority.


20. After fulfilling the AFMS requirements, remaining seats, after approval of the Office of DGAFMS available for the 2016 session is as follows:-

S.No Discipline  Institution No of seats Recognized/
Approved by DCI
(a) Periodontology ADC (R&R),
Delhi Cantt
One (01)
(b) Periodontology  AFMC, Pune One (01)

The seats will be available to Priority III candidates (Para Mil/ other Govt. of India sponsored candidates), Priority IV (Ex-SSC AD Corps Officers), Priority V (Civilian Dental Surgeons) in that order. It is also likely that no seat may be available for some of the prioritized categories, if the same have been allotted to candidates higher in priority and merit.

21. Stipend/ Fee structure/ course duration & contents etc may vary from State to State and from Institution to Institution. The candidates need to examine these points during counseling before opting for a seat at the AFMS institutes. The AFMS shall neither be responsible nor shall entertain any case on the above grounds.


22. The following eligibility criteria shall be applicable:-

(a) Admission to the postgraduate dental (MDS) courses at AFMS institutions is open to graduates of dental colleges recognized by Dental Council of India and who have registered themselves as Registered Dental Practitioners with any State Dental Council. Students who have completed/are completing internship by 31 Mar 2016 are eligible to apply. Priority V Candidates (Civilian Dental Surgeons) should have secured a mandatory min of 55% marks in final year BDS (aggregate of all

(b) The candidate must be a citizen of India.

(c) Maximum permissible age for Priority - V (civilian candidates) will be 35 years as on 30 Apr 2016.

(d) A candidate who is already pursuing any PG course shall not be eligible for admission to PG Dental course.

(e) All candidates, irrespective of Priority, once admitted to a particular degree course on conclusion of counseling process will not be permitted to change over to another subject. Candidates will have to furnish an undertaking regarding the acceptance of the seat as Appx-‘C’.


23. Counseling for allocation of subjects will be held:-

(a) Counseling will be held on 07 Apr 2016 at ADC(R&R), as explained earlier at Para 5, Priority wise as per merit – cum – choice & willingness of the candidate.

(b) Eligibility of candidates will be the responsibility of the candidate themselves as per the criteria mentioned in the Information Bulletin. He / She should check his /her eligibility for Priority/Institution/Subject before participating in the counseling process.

(c) The candidates shall produce all the originals of certificates for verification as applicable. Candidates without Documents in original at the time of registration/counseling will not be eligible even if he / she has got the necessary merit. However in case any candidate has deposited the original with any other institution, it is mandatory to produce a certificate from the Dean / Head of the institution where he is presently admitted certifying the same, and the candidate may be permitted to attend the counseling process with attested photocopies of the certificates along with the deposit certificate as mentioned above. If the candidate has accepted a seat, then it will be mandatory for the candidate to submit all original documents within seven (07) working days of the date of admission failing which allotment of seat will stand cancelled.


24. Admission procedure shall be as follows:-

(a) Admission to PG Dental courses in AFMS institution is provisional subject to confirmation/ ratification by the Office of DGAFMS & University concerned. The selected candidates are required to submit additional documents/certificates as per specific requirement of the institute/university. Candidates should ascertain these details from the Dean Academics of the Institute.

(b) Decision of Commandant of the college regarding admission of candidates shall be final and binding.

(c) All candidates are advised to preserve their Admit Cards& score cards of the AIPGDEE-2016 examination till allotment of the seats and admission to the institution.

(d) Medical examination of civilian (Priority V) candidates – This is a mandatory requirement for all civilian (Priority V) candidates. The medical standards required for civilian candidates are those applicable for selection as commissioned officers in Armed Forces Medical Services. Admission to PG Dental courses shall only be given to those civilian dental surgeons who are found medically fit for commission by a designated Medical Board as per laid down medical standard for commissioning. For reference of the candidates, the medical parameters are available at and same is placed at Appx-‘D’. The candidates who are found medically unfit by the Medical Board will not be admitted for counseling & subsequent admission procedures. There is no provision of appeal/ review for any candidate who has been found to be medically unfit.


25. All civilian candidates if selected are required to execute a bond agreement to serve as Short Service Commission Officers (SSC service) for 5 years with the Armed Forces Medical Services or pay an amount of Rs 27 lakhs to Govt. of India if unwilling to join on successful completion of the course and subject to being offered the said commission as per Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. PC.III/17436/DGAFMS/DG-1D/1819/13/ (a) (Medical) dated 15 January 2014 & 03769/Adv/DGAFMS/Dental2/1556/2015/ D(Med). Draft Bond agreement is available at the end of the Information Bulletin. The format for the bond may be amended from time to time as per the Govt. regulations and all affected civilian PG students shall be required to furnish fresh bond to the Commandant, of the Institution where candidate takes admission, if so required. The bond is to be executed on a Rs. 100/- non judicial stamp paper and registered/ notarized with office of sub registrar and submitted on the day of admission. Expenses in connection with registration of Bond Agreement are to be borne by the respective candidate. Specimen attached as Appx-`E’.


26. PG students are expected to conduct themselves in a befitting manner as follows:-

(a) Any candidate found obstructing or trying to influence the counseling and or admission process in an unlawful manner/ creating nuisance shall be liable for disqualification for the process of admission. Canvassing directly or indirectly for allotment of seat would disqualify the candidates for admission. Influencing the staff by unfair means shall lead to the cancellation of allotment of seat and such a candidate is liable to face disqualification from the appearance in subsequent entrance examination. The decision taken by the authorities in this respect shall be final and binding.

(b) All candidates selected for admission shall be subject to the disciplinary rules of the College, University and Govt.of India.

(c) Post graduate students of the institute will not indulge in ragging. In the instance of any incident of ragging coming to the notice of the college authorities, the accused student will be given an opportunity to explain and if his explanation is not satisfactory the student will be expelled from the institute. All students will be required to furnish an undertaking annually stating that they have understood relevant regulations/ instructions regarding ragging and that if found guilty shall be liable for administrative action.


27. Disputes, if any, in regard to any matter referred to herein shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of courts in the respective State of the location of institute only.


28. The following aspects will be applicable:-

(a) Stipend - Selected candidates under Priority IV and V only shall be paid stipend, as per Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No F/PC-8510/DGAFMS/DG- 1/345/2013/D (Med) dated 06 March 2013 & 03769 / Adv / DGAFMS / dental-2 /1556 / 2015 / D (Med) dated 31 Jul 2015, as amended.

(b) Accommodation - No accommodation will be provided during training.

(c) Security Deposit - All selected candidate who opt to join the course at AFMS institution (except serving officers) will have to deposit Rs10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) as security deposit by DD in favour of Commandant of the AFMS institution where he/she has accepted the seat. The same will be refundable after completion of course.

(d) Non-Completion of Degree/Diploma - Once registered the candidate is expected to complete the Degree Course of the respective University. The students shall be liable to give an undertaking to this effect as per the regulations of respective University. Any candidate opting to forgo his seat midsession before completing the course will have to pay the requisite penalty to the Institution /affiliating University as per the prevailing rules in vogue.

(e) Discipline - All candidates are expected to be well turned out, polite, courteous, disciplined and sincere and will follow the rules of the college. The college/Institution reserves the right to prematurely terminate the Course of a Candidate in case of repeated breaches, or a major breach of discipline by him/her. Registration once granted is valid only if the Head of the Dept/ Commandant of the Institute are satisfied about regularity and diligent pursuit of the studies by the student as well as good conduct and discipline befitting the institution and the University. The Commandant in consultation with the OI/C Training and Head of the Department may recommend to the University for removal/withdrawal of registration of a Postgraduate student for irregularity and or misconduct.

(f) Fee Structure - The candidates will follow the fee structure as laid out by University/ existing Govt. of India regulations. Fees will not be refunded once admission is completed.

(g) Amendments - Amendments to the rules/procedures for admission may be carried out as per regulations laid down by the Govt. of India/ DCI/ DGAFMS/ University from time to time.

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News@Jobs:Latest Govt, Bank, State Jobs Alert: Indian Army Post Graduate- Dental Courses in AFMS Institutions Through AIPGDEE- 2016
Indian Army Post Graduate- Dental Courses in AFMS Institutions Through AIPGDEE- 2016
Indian Army Post Graduate- Dental Courses in AFMS Institutions Through AIPGDEE- 2016, Candidates are advised to read the Info Bulletin carefully before registration & fill the application form accordingly. It is advised that candidates should fill in their details tallying with the AIPGDEE - 2016.
News@Jobs:Latest Govt, Bank, State Jobs Alert
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